Trading Excel Dashboard (Crypto)

I will show you my one of excel dashboard when I trade.

Excel dashboard help me a lot when I decide to direction of market, I explained in video different languages.


What can be done with the help of this dashboard?

Excel Dashboard for trading
Excel Dashboard for trading



>Cumulative volume delta on spot and future market,

>Taker buy and sell value,

>Long short ratio,

>Close price,

>Open interest value,

>Bullish and bearish divergence.

(If you do not know sentiment analysis, I suggest you do research on this subject first)


For English watch this video

I tried to explain in English how I use my excel dashboard below when making my trade decisions.

YouTube video


Для русских смотрите это видео

Ниже я попытался объяснить по-русски, как я использую панель управления Excel при принятии торговых решений.

YouTube video

Türkçe için aşağıdaki videoyu izleyebilirsiniz.

Alım satım kararlarımı verirken aşağıda excel kontrol panelimi nasıl kullandığımı Türkçe olarak anlatmaya çalıştım.

YouTube video

Under certain conditions, you can combine and easily check the values of that party with the telegram bot that sends you a message, you can take a look at the examples from the video below.

You can check your pairs very fastly with this method



Please do not open trades without properly managing your risk and psychology!!!


I can bring your ideas to life, you can visit my website here



I have prepared examples for both my customers and myself, which you can look at.

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